October 11th to 14th, 2023

The World Conference of Benedictine Educators - BENet will take place at the Monastery of São Bento, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, from October 11th to 14th, 2023. The theme of our meeting will be:

Benedictine education is the oldest educational tradition of the Church, initiated when the boys Placid and Mauro were handed over to St. Benedict to be educated in the service of God. Over the centuries, Benedictine schools around the world have been Schools of the Service of the Lord for young people in the most varied places and circumstances. Even within an environment of change, fundamental human issues remain the same, and the Benedictine tradition offers enduring answers that lead to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


D. Abade Fernando Rivas, OSB

A monk and former abbot of the Monastery of Luján in Argentina, he is a specialist in patrology and monastic tradition. He currently works at the Ateneo Santo Anselmo and has extensive experience in education.

Painel Alumni

We will hear from some of our alumni from various regions of the world about what it means to be educated in a Benedictine school, from their point of view: the strengths and influences that this education has had on their lives.

The Archbishop of Rio de Janeiro, Dom Orani Cardinal Tempesta, OCist, and the Primate Abbot of the Benedictines, Dom Gregory Polan, OSB, will also be present. In addition to the lectures, each day's agenda will be filled with workshops, lectio divina, the divine office at the Abbatial Church of the Monastery of São Bento do Rio, as well as the opportunity for adoration and sacramental confession.

Gathering in Rio will rekindle our zeal for the wonderful mission that the Lord has placed in our hands. Through prayer, friendship, and sharing of multiple ideas, the Sun from above will shine upon us in Rio and we will return to our Benedictine schools with renewed enthusiasm, new ideas, and new friends.

October 11th to 14th, 2023
São Bento Monastery, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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